State Health Directors’ Meeting

This week is the annual confab in Raleigh, where health directors from around the state come to discuss, share successes and plan for the upcoming year.

This year, the Division of Public Health is also presenting the latest iteration in the “Healthy People” policy goals – Health People 2020.  It’s a series of policy goals for the next decade, and include such laudable goals as reducing rates of smoking and lowering transmission of STDs.

In national health rankings, North Carolina continues firmly in it’s place at the ‘top of the bottom.’  Overall, we rank 35th in the nation in overall health.

According to State Health Director Jeff Engel, he has three priorities for the upcoming decade: reducing tobacco use, improving nutrition and getting people more active.

I’ve had a casual interest in the past few years in observing the treats offered at public health meetings.  Over the 7 state health directors’ meetings I’ve attended, I’ve noticed the lunch and treats becoming slowly more ‘healthy’, but change comes slowly.  To whit, the break between afternoon sessions featured the lovely crudite cups pictured below:

Crudite table

Problem is… not so many people were eating the crudite.  But down the hall, there was a table with sweets on it.  The plates on that table were… um, empty.

I guess, old habits are hard to break…

Sweets table.

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