As some of you might know, I left North Carolina Public Radio – WUNC at the end of June.

After taking off two months to attend to some family business and rest a little, I’m back blogging and tweeting as I create the infrastructure for an exciting new venture.

The plan: In January 2012, I will launch North Carolina Health News, a website and news service dedicated to covering health care in North Carolina.

Hey, no one else is doing it!  The health reporting staff at the N&O is all but gone, there’s only one person at the Charlotte Observer and there are only a handful of full time health reporters left in the entire state. But health care is an important part of NC’s economy, jobs landscape, research base and health care affects everyone at at some time or another. Some talented and experienced health reporters are committed to coming on board, so we think we’ll have something worth reading (and listening to).

In the meantime, I’ll be writing occasional reported stories and posting them here. I’m also lending a hand at the Raleigh Public Record and writing some stories about health care in our capitol city.

Let’s hear it for high-quality, local journalism!!


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