About Rose Hoban

Rose Hoban is a reporter who focuses primarily on health care, health policy, science, medicine and the politics of health.  She’s the founder of North Carolina Health News, an online news service scheduled to go live in January, 2012.

Hoban has been a registered nurse since 1992.  She practiced in a number of community health settings, including an inner-city emergency room, a drug treatment facility, home hospice, home health and international health.

Rose Hoban

Rose Hoban

In 2003, Hoban graduated from U C Berkeley with degrees in journalism and public health policy.  She was the first person at Berkeley to combine the two programs – there is now a formal program at the university to produce more journalists with similar skills.

From 2005 – mid-2011, she was the full-time health reporter at North Carolina Public Radio, WUNC in Chapel Hill, NC.  She’s also freelanced for Voice of America radio from 2006, and is a regular contributor.  Her work has been aired on NPR’s Morning Edition, News and Notes, All Things Considered and Day to Day.  She’s also had work on the BBC’s The World.

In print, Hoban’s byline has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Anchorage Daily News and  the Contra Costa Times.

Hoban is comfortable interviewing subjects in both English and Spanish.  She can also get by in Bahasa Indonesia, and order food in Thai.  She holds dual citizenship between the United States and the Republic of Ireland.

CONTACT:  rose.hoban@gmail.com